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Interface Overview

Redily interface screenshot

Connections panel

This is where you can manage your Redis connections.

This panel can be collapsed by clicking the collapse icon on the right side of the Connections heading.


Connections toolbar screenshot
  • Add Connection Icon
    Add a new Redis Connection, check Adding a Redis Connection for more details
  • Edit Connection Icon
    Edit an existing connection
  • Remove Connection Icon
    Remove an existing connection
  • Connect Icon
  • Disconnect Icon
  • Import Icon
    Import connections from file
  • Export Icon
    Export connections to file
  • Refresh Icon
    Refresh the connected server keyspace information

Connecting to a server

After adding your connections, you can Double Click on one to connect to it, or, once you have a server selected, you can click on the Connect icon.

Signing in/out

You can sign into your account by clicking the Sign In button and typing in your credentials.

Sign in button screenshot Sign in dialog screenshot

Once you are signed in, you'll see your email address showing up on the bottom of the panel and (if you don't have a Pro license) a button to Upgrade to Pro

Signed in as FREE user screenshot

You can sign out by clicking on the icon on the bottom right.

Keys panel

This is where you can search for keys and view them in a list or tree view.

Keys Panel Overview


Keys Panel Toolbar
  • Tree View Icon
    View the keys in Tree mode
  • List View Icon
    View the keys in List mode
  • Add Key Icon
    Opens up the dialog to add a new key
  • Delete Key Icon
    Delete selected key(s)
  • Filter Keys Icon
    Show search filters, read more about it at the Searching and filtering page


You can Left Click on a key to select it and open it up on the Editor panel for editing or viewing.

Single key selection

Right-clicking on a key will bring up a contextual menu.

Right click contextual key menu


To operate on multiple keys you can Left Click on a key to start the selection, then hold Shift and Left Click another key to end the selection.

All keys between the start of the selection and the end will be selected.

Multi-selection will be improved soon to support other commonly used hotkeys.

Multi key selection

Editor panel

This is where you can view and edit your key values.

Bulk Strings

Editor Bulk String Overview

Other key types

The interface of the editor for Hash Keys, Lists, Sets and Sorted Sets is quite similar, here's an overview of the Hash key editor:

Editor Hash Overview