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Searching and filtering

Redily supports various search filters to make it as easy and intuitive as possible to find what you are looking for.

In this section we'll cover how to search and filter keys.

Searching for keys containing pattern

By default Redily assumes that by typing a pattern in the search bar and pressing the Search button you are going to look for keys containing that pattern.

You can change this behaviour but we'll start by trying it out with the pattern testing.

Filtering with Contains

As you can see we get all the keys that contain testing in their name, if you are familiar with Redis and the SCAN command you can think of the Contains filter as a way to enclose your pattern inside two *.

In the example above the user input testing was transformed into *testing*

Other filters

You can change the search filters by clicking on the filter icon next to the search button and selecting a value from the list.

Filters Menu

They do what you'd expect, the only one that needs some explaination is the Matching Pattern filter.

This filter takes your input and sends it unmodified to the SCAN command, this is useful if you need to use complex search patterns.

Filtering with Matching pattern

In this example we searched for all keys starting with testing, containing 25 and ending with d.